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A chef, a set designer and an art gallery. Together we make a dining experience into an art form.

The Art Of Dining is a pop up restaurant business. The business consists of two partners who collaborate together. We are Alice Hodge a qualified set designer and Ellen Parr an acknowledged and reputable chef.

The concept was born in 2011 by friends who believe that a marriage of the things they love - food, art and design - would create a distinctive dining experience.

Since starting we have produced six different pop up dining experiences. Each Pop Up restaurant is bespoke and unique with a different theme, hosted in a unique venue. We work together to create a complete and compelling dining experience, in which the food, set design and venue reflect the theme. The Art of Dining collaborate with artists and galleries introducing creative artworks to the dinner.

The Art of Dining brings together like-minded people to interact with each other, as well as the food and art, creating an exciting and open atmosphere.

Chef Ellen Parr, trained at Moro, brings Middle Eastern and Spanish influences to the food. She recently travelled around South East Asia and India to research cooking methods, techniques and flavours. Expect the unexpected with her unusual menus, each inspired by the Pop Ups theme.

Set and table Design
Artist and set designer Alice Hodge creates bespoke arrangements for weddings, parties, theatre productions and photo shoots. She is an art follower, creator and teacher and, through extensive research into each Pop Up’s era, design trends and eating habits, completes The Art of Dining experience.

Past Experiential Events

Vanitas, hosted in a 16th Century Tudor House, celebrated an historic way of cooking with a Tudor Feast including an exhibition of modern artists' interpretation of the classic style

Hackney-on-Sea, an original 1930s Pie and Mash Shop transformed to a Beach Cafe with seagulls screwball icecreams, huge platters of fish and a live donkey. The flat above, untouched since the 60s, hosted Tim Mara's prints.

The Chicken and the Egg transported diners to the countryside in an East London Chapel with the use of foliage, birds, eggs, milk bottles and atmospheric photographs

Rations took guests back to the wartime days of rations. The event was held in a military location, was decorated as a Sergeant's mess and fed diners a seven-course menu.

3 courses of TV Dinners served on one plate, eaten from a tray on your lap whilst surrounded by TV inspired art projects.

Fit for a Queen proved to be a right royal event with savoury fig rolls, cucumber sandwiches transformed into a salad, a film and games at the table.